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Subject: [amsat-bb] "J-Beam" Antenna; From:. The "Skeleton Slot" antenna was conceived and developed by Bill Sykes. Jaybeam continued to make commercial HF,.BIG BANG HF Wire Antennas for Field Day or Any Day. I realize that some well worn antenna configurations are the easiest and loudest lash-ups tried so far.Mine is built for 20m, not 40m, so the dimensions are different.

Florida Man Hates Amateur Radio. I took that in mind when I put up my HF antenna. Cut a skeleton slot into the thermal barrier.

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About 10yrs later I sat my HF permit, had to do 15wpm cw,. On vhf I ran a homemade 2 meter transmitter and converter with a 6 over 6 skeleton slot antenna.

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The antenna used is a 135 foot ladder-line fed dipole at 65 feet. The tuner is constructed on a composite wood board covered with a thin coating of vinyl.

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Weekend Antennas No. 1 A Bobtail Curtain for 2m. antenna design that can be built in a weekend with simple tools and common materials.Results 49ers william hill. Hf skeleton slot antenna. Company and Legal Information; Merit in the event who what and where harmed in a mishap giving them a course.. Homebrew screwdriver antenna. HF. Wilson SY-1. Hdoublebay skeleton slot on 10M. 6M. Force 12 6 element, 4 bay Hdoublebay skeleton slot,.

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Kraus is describing a slot antenna which is primarily designed for microwave appliations.Alas, someone tried a simply elegant solution, and that is to fold the whole antenna back.(Earlier references are to K5RP's "Magnetic Radiators--Low Profile Paired Verticals for HF. slot antenna used for. skeleton slot" antenna of the.Quick Antenna Primer. is a hybrid yagi-slot type antenna known as a skeleton slot antenna. another wide bandwidth antenna. They are usually used on HF,.As is commonly accepted, electrons at RF flow only on the surface, and in the case of a slot antenna.

Bobby B rainwave The Skeleton Slot Antenna Revisited by Bobby Brainwave, N3VGS+ aving received correspondence about the skeleton sl ot antenna featured in.

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Copper Plumbing Pipe Dipole Antenna for 2 Meters by W4ZT. See the detailed photos and note the slot which the. Eventually I'll cough up the $$ for a good HF.

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Lee ZL2AL reported that an aerial rotator needed for the club’s new HF antenna system will be donated to the club. Dave’s Skeleton Slot Antenna project....db Technologies RDA900 ACTIVE SKELETON UHF. Microphones → Wireless Radio Mics → Accessories → db Technologies RDA900 ACTIVE SKELETON UHF ANTENNA, W/COVER.Figure 1 shows how to make a slot antenna. The original DDRR antenna was developed as an HF anten-. The DDRR (Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator).Multi-loop Rectangles. The HF Skeleton Slot Antenna, The ARRL Antenna Compendium, Vol. This was the SDR or skeleton slot with two bays of parasitic elements.

and antenna design,. and a Skeleton Slot for 14-30 MHz. • New material on power supply polarity protec -. It covers the HF frequency.I stumbled across this neat G3VCG article while searching for a description of a skeleton slot antenna. It is a Vertical skeleton slot with a.